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There is a huge difference between winning a close up competition and performing in the real world

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I was talking with a friend who is also a magician and he mentioned a magician who had won a close up magic comp, he went on BGT and did okay and now spends his time with some famous TV magicians. This magician posted on Facebook raving about a magic trick and when my friend asked if this trick was good for performing in the real world this magician stated about audience management etc.

What this means is that you cannot perform it in the real world without specifically telling everyone where to stand, where to look, not what to look at and not allowing them to hold, touch or breathe on the item.

Now for any real working magician this would not be worth it, you see there is a tired old line that magicians use of "audience management" , they say this when they try to defend a magic trick that may well look good on camera but to perform it for people at a wedding or event would not be reasonable.

Lets face it , if you pull out a card and rip it in half and then it floats in the air and restores itself, 99.9% of people are going to want to have a closer look at that card, audience management means you find a creative and professional way of not allowing them to do so. Now most magicians would say to switch the card, but you then need a reason for bringing the deck of cards into play, or for going to your pocket etc. Any real working magician knows this simply doesnt fly when surrounded by lots of people (some of whom may have had a drink).

And there is the difference , see it is all very well being a magician who looks good on stage and may have won a competition, but until you have spent years working the clubs, bars, weddings etc surrounded by some very picky and skeptical drunk people then you really are not in the place to comment about audience management and tricks in the real world.


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