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Magician in Wales goes to Blackpool Magic convention

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I havent been to Blackpool magic convention for eight years (since my little one was born). To be honest this is mostly as i find some magicians to be rather full of themselves and rather bi7chy , this is also the reason i stay off the social media pages. Im too old for all that nonsense and cant be doing with it. Why people just cant be nice i dont know.

We are all running the same race and jumping the same hurdles so why trip each other up?!

Any way a few of my friends are magicians and good people and we all decided to take the trip this year. Now im quite fussy and i decided to stay at Blackpool FC hotel rather than a hotel close to the convention that they were staying at.

As a footy fan I had a room looking over the pitch and i loved the room, nice and big. I visited the club shop too and they had some shirts on sale for 50p!!! cant fault it.

The convention itself was fab, there were lots of great stalls selling some amazing magic effects, and i also watched some fab magicians perform and lecture.

Im not a fan of sitting in pubs whilst everyone trys to show everyone else magic tricks but other than that i enjoyed myself.

who knows maybe next year there may be another trip.

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