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Why you shouldn't trust Facebook reviews and recommendations

I see so many times on Facebook people posting on wedding pages etc asking for recommendations for different services. THIS IS A REALLY BAD IDEA.

The reason is that most if not all the people who recommend someone are biased in their opinions and not impartial.

You see most people tagging someone etc will actually be that persons friend or family, or in worst case scenarios fake profiles set up and created by that actual person. So many times I have seen many people recommend someone yet they are well known to not be any good at all. And yet some truly amazing and well respected people get overlooked because of this.

The same then goes for the review "stars" section on someones facebook page. Some people have fake reviews done by family and friends and again fake profiles. Some are even known to go on competitors pages and post bad reviews with fake profiles.

Unfortunately in these times it is so easy to be mislead online, the best way is to do some proper research, phone venues, pick up a phone and speak to the company you have found and then do some more research before booking.

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