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Why some wedding fayres are lying to you

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

I love wedding fayres, I have been doing them for about 15 years and always enjoy seeing all the wonderful companies setting their stalls out and then the happy couples arrive and it gives me such a thrill to see and speak to them.

There are some fab wedding fayre companies out there, especially in Wales. They really do try to provide a wonderful service to both the suppliers and the public. There are also some not so good / awful wedding fayres and they openly lie and mislead everyone, and worst still ....they keep getting away with it.

There are some wedding fayre companies who state they hand pick each supplier , claiming then that they make sure only the best suppliers take part. This simply is not true, as long as a supplier is willing to pay for a space they are welcomed in. There have been suppliers who have been banned from other fayres due to their behaviour, yet certain wedding fayres still allow them to take part as long as they pay the money.

Some wedding fayres state that each supplier is the best and recommended by other suppliers only etc, when the truth is the person who runs the company picks their friends and ignores some amazing companies due to their own prejudices.

The best way is to attend several fayres and make your own mind up. Most wedding fayres are free to attend, to be honest I struggle to understand those that charge you to have a look around. Other than money grabbing there really is no excuse for it.

I have done some amazing wedding fayres run by some truly fab people and I cant wait to get back to doing them.


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