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Who is the best magician or wedding magician in Wales?

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

I notice time and again I get tagged on social media by friends or people who have seen me work. This is usually when someone asks or posts looking for a recommendation for a magician. It is always nice to be recommended, but it resonates more when it is someone in the business who recommends me over others. To me it means they have seen me work and know how good and reliable I am.

I do chuckle at some of the posts, different people recommending different magicians with comments such as "hes the best" "oh hes the only one you need " etc etc.

Here's the thing, whilst some of the magicians are amazingly talented, some are truly amateur at best. I know or have seen perform the vast majority of those recommended. I can happily list some of the magicians in the "hire them they are great" category, but I can also list many in the "not even if they were free"category.

So why do they get recommended?

Well its well known among magicians that one certain magician has created numerous false Facebook profiles and has had them for many years. He uses these profiles to recommend himself etc. I am sure there are probably more who do this.

There are also magicians who have family members and friends recommending them, as you'd want and expect friends and family to do so.

Then you have magicians who obviously recommend themselves.

So who do you trust? Well here's the thing, its hard to answer that. You can see a magician who isn't very good and think "WOW! that's amazing". Because you are seeing magic and have little or nothing to compare it too.

It isn't till you see a truly exceptional magician you realise that the other magician wasn't that good.

I was told the other day that when a magician brags about being award winning and all it is are local magic clubs or local talent contests then they shouldn't be considered in the high levels. This was said by one of the best magicians in the world.

Personally I think in terms of "If I was to get married again who would I hire?"

And to be honest I can probably count them on one hand.

So...... If you wanna hire me then yes I think I am amazing LOL. But if you would like to hire someone else, let me know.... I'd be happy to point you in the right direction.


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