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How can other magicians wear suits in this heat?

Ok, so I am officially melting in this heat. I keep meaning to buy a fan but then i think "we only get a little bit of heat per year is it worth the money?"

One thing that baffles me is seeing some magicians in this heat wearing full 3 piece suits. Waist coat etc. Fair play to them, although when I do see them i see their faces red and balls (not beads) of sweat dripping down their faces and their suits are wetter than if they'd gone swimming in them. Those poor souls.

I performed at a wedding the other day ( Cardiff magician strikes again lol) and I went out beforehand to purchase some tailored shorts. I was still very hot mind you.

It was a fab wedding and they had a photobooth, the man running it was in jeans and a shirt and he was like a waterfall of sweat. I kept buying him a drink to help him out.

Which reminds me, please be kind to people performing at your wedding, make sure they have a drink etc.

Anyway, thats todays blog. Have a good one.


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