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Free Magic Trick - learn world class magic here

Updated: Aug 13, 2022

I create magic tricks many of which are used by magicians all over the world. Here is a free magic trick, I hope you enjoy it..



How many times have we heard “can you change this in to a twenty mate?” I have it daily, some very clever individual waves a five pound note in the air and thinks they are the funniest person alive for coming up with this ingenious question. This effect was my way of dealing with that but doing so in a manner that was light hearted and still provided a moment of magic.


The magician borrows a bank note and changes it to a piece of paper with “I.O.U” written on it. He proceeds to set the paper on fire and produce coins to the amount of the note.


Let us assume you will be changing a £5 note (I recommend only doing this with £5 notes due to the coins).

You will need to cut a piece of flash paper to the size of a £5 note. Using a black sharpie write “I.O.U” on it as large as possible.

You will need 5 x £1 coins. You may wish to buy one of those pound coin holders and produce this, I however prefer the look and feel of dropping coins in to the hands.

Finally, you will need a lighter.


I always have the IOU paper folded and ready in my right side trouser pocket and the coins in my right side jacket pocket. The lighter goes in any other pocket.

“Yes I can change that for you”

As you say that move to accept the note with your left hand and using this bigger action to cover the smaller action of using your right hand to retrieve and finger palm the IOU paper.

You can then perform a bill change. You can find easy instructions for a bill change on YouTube so I won’t bore you with the details and let you enjoy watching the masked magician show you instead.

I prefer to perform the version which does not require a thumb tip. For this I fold the note up with the IOU located top left of the bill hidden behind it. I transfer the notes and then proceed to unfold the IOU with the now folded £5 note palmed.

Hand the IOU out with your “dirty” hand and as they inspect that

“Do you have a lighter? I’ve got one somewhere”

Proceed to place hands in pockets, you are going to remove the coins under the guise of finding the lighter in the other pocket.

Palming the coins show the lighter and ask them to pass you back the IOU.

Proceed to tear a corner of the paper, set the paper down holding on to the corner. You will set this alight and produce the coins.

“Would you mind holding your hands out for me”

Place the ripped corner of the flash paper in the same hand as the coins (keeping these palmed out of sight). Ignite the lighter with the other hand and set the flash paper alight dropping the coins into their hands as it ignites.


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