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Cardiff magician Jamie Williams loves funny tricks

I love all magic tricks. I do not perform math magic tricks if I am honest but I think they are fun, amazing, and good to just sit and play with.

Math Magic Tricks are sort of like puzzles. Your spectator thinks of a number. That is how the trick starts. You give a series of mathematical instructions. At the end you tell your spectator their final number. Math tricks are fun and easy to do. The tricks are usually pretty cool, yet not mind blowing. It is the type of trick that you do for someone, baffle them, and then teach them how.

This is definitely the best trick. It involves the 4 colored tables below. If you want to do this trick you can take a screen shot of the 4 tables below. You don’t know in advance what number the spectator will pick. Plus it is always different. They can think of any number between 1 and 30, it is up to your spectator.

  1. Have your spectator think of a number between 1 and 30.

  2. Show the cards one at a time and ask which colors have their number.

  3. Add the numbers at the top left corner of the cards with their number.

  4. This will give you their number.


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