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Cardiff magician gets messed about

Updated: Jun 9, 2022

So during lockdown i have had a little hobby of collecting autographs from celebrities. I shared some of my success on facebook pages and out of the blue was contacted by someone who stated he had a little facebook page and would i help him out to make it a proper business as he had no clue and no motivation etc.

He offered me 25% of the business and i agreed to help out.

I started by building a website for his business, this included the layout, formatting, SEO work and the shop. I would spend hours a day doing this for him.

I suggested holding an evening event, like a convention and helped him organise this. I chose the venue, helped book guests and even recommended things like having a live band and food and merchandise etc.

I was helping out on pages etc and all of a sudden found myself blocked on the pages by him, then removed from the website etc. No explanation etc at all.

When i tried contacting him to find out i would get ignored or some random excuse.

Then i got a message saying he had reconsidered and wasnt going to offer me 25% anymore and that he never needed me anyway to help. I found this rather "funny" that he had considered this after i had set everything up for him such as the website , signings and the evening event.

I feel i am owed for my time working and future earnings on the event i helped to create so will be seeking legal advice on this.

Anyway thats been my weeks lately.


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