Cardiff magician Jamie Williams is one of the most sought after magicians working in the U.K today.

Jamie has been awarded the Silver Star by The Magic Circle which is a huge honour, this makes him an Associate of The Inner Magic Circle and has even lectured at The Magic Circle, meaning he has taught some of the finest magicians in the world.

Jamie has traveled far and wide and performed for some of the biggest companies in the world, wowing directors, share holders and staff alike.  Amazon, BMW, Sony, NHS are just some of those who have been amazed.

Jamie has consulted for numerous television shows and has even performed live on Capital Radio drive time.

As well as weddings and events, Jamie has also met and performed for some of the most famous faces in the world from Love Island stars to Hollywood legends.

Cardiff magician Jamie Williams has also created some amazing magic effects that are used by some of the top magicians in the world.  

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" Cardiff magician Jamie is the best I have ever seen and I have seen them all" - Jane Neil , UK's number 1 wedding planner

Caerphilly magician
Caerphilly magician
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Creating memories that you and your guests will remember for ever. 

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Performing and amazing for companies including Sony, Amazon and Nike.


Magic, mind reading and hypnosis for your event

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Jamie was invited on to the Number one magic show in the world to perform his effect "Sticker Kicker".  You can go to 19mins to see him perform.



"One of the best lectures I have ever seen"With limited dates, book now for your club to witness an amazing lecture


Utilize years of experience and deep knowledge by asking Jamie to consult or assist you.



The creator of some of the biggest and most popular magic effects in the world.


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"Jamie can read your mind and control it, this is frightening and breathtaking in equal measures"
Capital Radio FM


Jamie is located in Cardiff and loves performing here.


Jamie loves performing in Swansea at weddings and other events


With some of the most visually stunning locations, Jamie loves performing in Bridgend.