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 Terms & conditions for weddings and other events

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This copy of the terms and conditions are exactly the same that were on our previous sites:  ( -​.

upon booking every client is given a copy of receipt of payment and confirmation of booking. If client loses or misplaces this and requests another a small admin fee may apply.  It is not Jamie's responsibility to make sure you have these papers.

Payment Terms
The amount quoted and agreed upon by the client and the performer is specific to the event and details provided to Jamie at the time of booking and/or communication.

Any deposit made is non refundable regardless of situation.  If and when a "pay this cheaper amount" option is taken then no refund is given regardless of the amount paid and regardless of the reason for cancelling.

Payment of deposit can be made by cheque, cash, Paypal or bank transfer, made payable to  Jamie Williams. The remaining balance can be paid using the same methods outlined above.


Client Responsibilities
It is the responsibility of the client to give accurate details to the performer regarding venue location. Incorrect details such as venue, time and date may result in Jamie arriving late or in extreme cases not arriving at all. The client must acknowledge and understand that it is not possible for each and every guest to see Jamie perform.  The inevitability of guests being busy, at the bar, in the toilets or other activities means that they may miss Jamie performing.  

Changes to the contract

Any changes to the contract must be agreed by both the client and Jamie Williams. All changes must be in writing. Changes will only be made when both parties have accepted the amendments.  If the venue is changed there will be an additional charge if over 15 mins different in travelling time, this will cover cost of travel including expenses and possible overnight stays.  If over an hour away you will be requested to pay the amount ASAP as a goodwill gesture.  Please note we charge for time not mileage.  This is calculated at £25 per 30 mins travel from original venue, based on round trip (to new venue and back).  So for eg. if your venue is an hour away there will be a charge of £100 .  If you don't wish to pay this charge you can cancel your booking  - Please see below.


Termination/ Cancellation of Contract
CANCELLATION of the engagement by the client for any reason shall forfeit the deposit. Cancellation of the engagement by the client WITHIN 30 DAYS of the date of engagement shall also require payment of the balance to the act. More than 30 days but remaining balance of over £200 will result in full payment still being made by client or where agreed by act a pay off amount of £100.00.  A client cancelling their engagement by telephone must also verify that cancellation in writing, this can be done via email.   A cancellation is not valid until you get a response from Jamie.

Cancellation due to acts of God, global viruses or pandemics, Inclement weather, floods, snow or other natural disasters shall result in no refund and all monies paid being kept by Jamie.  If money is outstanding and is within the 30 day period as above then only the deposit shall be forfeited and no remaining payment due.

Regardless of the reason for cancellation by the client, be it illness, moved to another location, or global disaster the above no refund policy applies.

If you book via telephone or email or social media you book and pay agreeing to these terms and conditions.

Should Cancellation by the Performer be necessary, the performer will make every effort to arrange for a comparable Performer, who will be subject to the same terms and conditions outlined above. If no substitute is available, Jamie will refund in full. 

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