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A stunning prediction you can take with you anywhere.

While some say the best magic happens in the spectator's minds, others say the best magic happens in their hands. With "CelebriKey" you will have the ability to do both in your pocket at any time.

You take a regular key from your pocket or keyring and let a spectator hold it. They see and feel it is regular key before closing their hand around it... keeping it in full view the entire time. The magician does not touch the key again until after the effect is finished.

The spectator now chooses a celebrity or superhero from a stack or list of options.

Once their selection is locked in, they can open their hand to reveal the key has visibly transformed into a 3D sculpture of the person they selected. This key can be handed out for inspection. Everything can now be fully examined.

"CelebriKey" is super easy to do, feels incredibly organic and resets instantly. It's the ideal effect for table-hopping magic or street magic.

Comes with a specially-designed Batman gimmick and comprehensive 45 minute instructional download.


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